$45 2000W Steam Iron - Vertical, Self Cleaning & Teflon Soleplate - Red/White

$45 2000W Steam Iron - Vertical, Self Cleaning & Teflon Soleplate - Red/White

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2000W Steam Iron - Vertical, Self Cleaning & Teflon Soleplate - Red/White

Benefits of steam irons
1. Clothes Look Better for Longer
Steam ironing garments help fabric fibers soften and return to their original state.
This can improve their quality and ensure a long life. Some fabrics stretch out as you wear them changing the original form of the garment.

  1. Cost Savings
    According to industry reports, the average household spends over $500 on dry cleaning per year. Every pillowcase, shirt, pair of trousers, or sweater costs between $2 and $5 to be washed and ironed. That’s motivation enough to just get the job done yourself.
    If you’re doing your own ironing, you’ll be saving a small fortune on dry cleaning bills.

  2. Steam Kills Germs and Eliminates Mold
    Ironing, more specifically steam ironing, kills germs and spores leaving clothes and fabrics in top hygienic shape.

  3. Steam Ironing Removes Odors
    But even if you’re not fussed about the occurrence of foreign particles living in your clothes, a natural byproduct of bacteria is body odor. By ironing your clothes, bacteria are killed and the odor dissipates.
    If your iron has variable steam settings, turn it all the way up and spot treat shirts under the arms.
    Sports gear and polyester fabrics can sometimes come out the wash with a faint reminder of your last workout. Good steam will ensure this is not a problem and leave your clothing super fresh and hygienic.

  4. Safer Than Dry Cleaning
    Dry cleaners use harmful chemicals that you avoid by doing your laundry and ironing at home.
    Most dry cleaners treat garments with a chemical called perchloroethylene, also known as PCE or perc. PCE and other cleaning chemicals like it, stick to your clothing and can be inhaled or absorbed by the skin. These toxic chemicals are harmful to our health and inhaling even small trace amounts can cause respiratory irritation, headaches, dizziness, and even vision problems.

Teflon soleplate
Vertical steam
Temperature control
Burst of steam
Water tank capacity 320ml
230V 50Hz 2000W

What's in the box
1 x Iron
1 x Water Pourer
1 x Operation manual

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