$129 Mini Cardio Exercise Bike Pedal for Arm/Leg - Black

$129 Mini Cardio Exercise Bike Pedal for Arm/Leg - Black

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Our increasingly busy lives and our sedentary lifestyles prevent many of us taking the medically-recommended amount of exercise – 30 minutes of temperature-raising, heart-rate increasing activity, at least 5 times a week. Also as more of us live into old age, medical experts say that we need to keep active to ensure that we stay healthier for longer, both physically and mentally.

Please note - you will need some practice with this item to have a functional workout. Start with the least amount of resistance to train yourself how to operate the unit. If it starts moving around either the tension is to high or the angle at which you are sitting at is incorrect. Adjust your balance and get fit!

Being over-weight and lack of sufficient physical activity are major causes of:








Dementia in old age

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