$109 Robert, The Robo Vacuum Cleaner

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Robert is meant to be your little in-between vacuum to lift up crumbs, dust & pet hair on those days you just do not feel like lugging around a massive vacuum yet still walk around barefoot. Although this is a very pet friendly little gadget, you should regularly check between the bristles and the wheels that long hair do not get stuck. This might cause him to have a moment and vacuum in very small circles only. If that does happen, gently remove the offending long hair & your Robert will be ready to go as before.

This small 9.6 Volt robot vacuum cleaner will change the way you look at cleaning forever. It has 3 sensors and is designed specially to reach every corner of the house. It has an operation light indicator and 2 side brushes to ensure not a spot of dirt will escape this futuristic little cleaner. It has an Anti-scratch protective band and a medium capacity dirt storage and is very easy to clean.

Important Note: If you forget to turn the power of the product off before charging, you will need to switch the product on and off again before using the product. This resets the product and will allow it to operate normally again.


- Battery operated

- Special design corners

- Two side brushes

- Cloth to mop or wipe

- Indicator light operation

- Medium capacity and easy clean-up

- Automatically programmed

- Does not require filters bags

- To be used on tiles and hardwood floors only

Installation Instructions:

- To install: Push the sweeper directly onto the holder

- To remove: Hold the sweeper bristles and pull upward to remove the sweeper

Battery Installation:

- Before charging, make sure the battery is correctly installed and the power switch is turned to OFF position, or it will not charge

- To recharge, plug the output of the DC adaptor into the DC jack. Plug the power adaptor into the AC power outlet

- When charging, the LED indication lamp of the product will fade in-fade out periodically, and it will stay on when the battery is fully charged


- Voltage: 9.6V

- Autonomy: 30 - 60 Minutes (depending on environment)

- Recharge Time: 6-8 Hours

Cleaning Instructions: The direction and range of little Robert depends a lot on balance. To get the best and consistent performance from it, regularly check for dirt build up on the wheels (just clean with a liitle detergent and a toothbrush) and also remove any obstruction from between the brushes.

What's in the box
1 x Robot Cleaner
2 x Side brushes
1 x User manual
1 x AC Adapter
2 x Mop pads

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