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Popular Vacuum Cleaners - Wet & Dryers

$45 Comfimate - Hand Held Window Vacuum
No Reviews
$55 Portable Handheld Car Wet Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner -FO-180
No Reviews
$59 Mellerware - Wet & Dry Smartvac Vacuum Cleaner - Grey
No Reviews
$65 Conti - Wet & Dry Hand Vacuum - Black
No Reviews
$69 Automatic Wet & Dry Sweep Clean & Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner - Pink
No Reviews
$75 BLACK+DECKER 3.6 Cordless Wet & Dry Dustbuster Hand Vacuum + Accessories
No Reviews
$79 180W 12V Portable Handheld Car Wet Dry Canister Vacuum Cleaner -FO-180
No Reviews
$59 Electrolux - AQP20 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$95 Hoover - 10 Litre Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$99 Hoover Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum
No Reviews
$135 Electrolux - GT30N Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$150 Verimark - Genesis - Duravac
No Reviews
$159 Hoover - Wet & Dry Hand Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$179 Verimark - Genesis - Hydrovac Compact Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$179 Conti 1400W Water Filtration Vacuum Cleaner - Blue
No Reviews
$179 Electrolux - Flexio Power Clean Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$215 Bennett Read Hydro 15 Vacuum Cleane
No Reviews
$235 Taurus Arteca Active Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$245 Electrolux - Flexio 2 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$249 Karcher - WD4 Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$259 Genesis - Hydrovac Plus
No Reviews
$265 Hydrovac Plus
No Reviews
$265 Bennett Read - Tough 15 Vacuum Cleane
No Reviews
$349 Taurus - Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$479 Wetrok Durovac 6 {Commercial Dry Vacuum Cleaner}
No Reviews
$515 Bosch Serie 4 Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleane
No Reviews
$529 Bosch Serie 4 Wet & Dry Vacuum cleaner, 2000w
No Reviews
$559 Verimark - Genesis - Hydrovac Extreme II - Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$625 Thomas Perfect Air Feel Fresh x 3 Vacuum Cleaner
No Reviews
$699 Thomas Vacuum Cleaner Aqua+ Pet & Family
No Reviews
$795 Stainless Steel Wet / Dry Vacuum 3 Motors
No Reviews
$945 Thomas Vacuum Cleaner - Multi Clean X10 Parquet AQUA +
No Reviews

Need a helping hand? We have the Ultimate Buying Guide to help you choose the right Vacuum Cleaner for your home

Every household has its own distinct character. Perhaps your home is carpet-heavy; maybe it’s sock-sliding timber territory; or filled with kids and pets. Here at The Daily Sale Shop, we know that a good vacuum can be a game-changer. With our large range of floorcare solutions, picking a vacuum...

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Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide

This buying guide will run you through everything you need to know before selecting a vacuum cleaner for your home.

What are the main types of vacuums?

Cordfree Vacuums

A cordfree or stick vacuum offers lightweight convenience and is ideal for small-to-medium homes that are maintained with the occasional spot clean. These vacuums work best on hard floors, and are adept at taking care of pet hair. It is important to note canister size and what sort of battery gives the vacuum its power. 

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- Complete manoeuvrability with no cord to limit your reach!!!

- Works well in corners and also on upholstery

- Can almost always be converted to a handheld vacuum for the ultimate control over intricate jobs

in summary, 

this can become this 3.6V Wet and Dry Lithium-ion dustbuster® Cordless Hand Vacuum + Accessories  - WDC115WA | BLACK+DECKER

cool right???!!!

- Will vacuum cobwebs and any other dust that builds vertically 


Robotic Vacuums
robot vacuum price cheap buy online

Between work, our social lives, and personal leisure time, we must find the hours to keep our homes tidy. Robotic vacuums are proving a popular solution for the time-poor, removing the grunt work associated with vacuuming. Some models will manoeuvre around your furniture and will know to put the brakes on at the top of your stairs. If this convenience isn’t enough, you can even control some of these vacuums using an app on your smartphone or tablet. 

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- Sit back and let the vacuum manoeuvre itself around your floors

- Some models allow for pre-programing so the vacuum can clean while you’re at work

- Robotic vacuums are compact, so storage is made easy

- Fantastic for households with a lot of hard flooring


Upright Vacuums
VCS5125AB_BL | Beko upright vacuum cleaner |

An upright vacuum negates the need to stoop as you clean your home. You can see exactly where you’re going because the vacuum is pushed rather than dragged. Their larger profiles generally allow for more powerful motors and generous dust capacities, ideal for the spacious, carpet-heavy home. 

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- No need to bend over; great if you have back problems

- Large home specialists with powerful motors and large capacities

- Built to dislodge and vacuum deep-rooted debris from carpet


What Should You Think About Before Purchasing?

Now you’re familiar with the three main types of vacuum cleaner, it’s time to think about the makeup and character of your home. 

- Does anyone in your home suffer from allergies or feel sensitive to dust?

- Do you have pets that shed hair around your home?

- Would you prefer a bagged or bagless vacuum?

- Is your home dominated by carpet or hard floors? Or is there an even distribution of both?

- Is one vacuum enough for your needs? Or do you need an additional cleaning device for more convenience? 

Allergy Sufferers

HEPA filters

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting. A vacuum with a HEPA filter is recommended for people with allergies, because it traps even the tiniest pollutants. These filters have been proven to retain more than 99.95% of dust particles, and can even capture dust mite faeces as small as 0.3 micrometres. The air that is processed through this filter and expelled by your vacuum is more hygienic than ambient room air. HEPA filters are either of a washable, replaceable, or lifetime variety. We encourage you to refer to your vacuum’s manual for instructions on maintaining the filter. 

Pet Owners

Owning a pet is not all cuddles and walks in the park. Your furry companions can shed hair around the house at the best of times, but thankfully there are vacuums that specifically cater to the responsibility of looking after your dog or cat. If you’re unsure whether a pet vacuum is worth your while, here are some key points:

- These vacuums use powerful turbo heads which simultaneously brush and suck pet hair that has been pressed deep into carpet.

- A pet vacuum containing a HEPA filter is especially beneficial to allergy sufferers.

- These vacuums often come with mini turbo heads for picking up pet hair from your sofa, or for getting inside the car after your pooch rides in the back seat. 


Bagged vs. Bagless


Bagged vacuums hygienically capture dirt and dust in a disposable bag which is replaced periodically. Here are some things to consider about bagged vacuums:

- The bag is a filter in itself, with some brands boasting up to nine layers of filtration in the bag alone.

- Bagged cleaners compact the dust and dirt, allowing you to clean for longer without having to stop.

- The bags are simple to change and maintain. One in, one out.

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Bagless vacuums may save you the hassle of buying and changing vacuum bags, but this does not mean there’s no maintenance involved. Here are some things to consider about bagless vacuums:

- All dirt and dust is contained within a canister which can be emptied straight into your bin. Some vacuums enable quick ejection with the touch of a button.

- Most models will have filters that need to be checked and cleaned regularly to ensure strong, consistent suction.

- You avoid the ongoing cost of having to buy vacuum bags.

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Barrel Vacuum Floor Tools

Combination Tool
Buy Numatic Combination Carpet and Floor Tool - 9" - Vacuum Cleaner  Attachment from Canada at

This tool is the ultimate all-rounder, engineered with bristles that provide suction on carpet as well as hard floors. If you’re vacuuming your entire home and adjacent rooms have different floor types, the combination tool is your best friend. Simply control the type of floor treatment using foot switches on top of the tool. This floor tool comes with just about every vacuum, so it doesn’t have to be purchased separately. 

Hard Floor Tool - Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool - Household Vacuum Hoses

The name is self-explanatory. This is your go-to tool for hard floor vacuuming, especially surfaces that are prone to scratching from sturdy bristles, such as polished concrete, timber, or lino. Hard floor tools usually have fine bristles that reach inside deep gaps, and some brands offer flexible variations of the tool. 

Turbo Head
Vacuum Cleaner Head Turbo Turbine Brush Tool For Dyson DC32 DC33 | eBay

The most effective carpet cleaning is achieved through a combination of brushing and vacuuming. Vacuuming alone is not always enough to uproot deeply embedded strands of pet hair. Turbo heads agitate your carpet to remove tougher clusters of dirt and dust. Not only beneficial to pet owners, a turbo head is also useful for vacuuming high-pile carpets. 

Power Head
Genuine Electrolux Central Vacuum Quiet Clean Electric Power Head Brush  Nozzle 045059- Buy Online in Zimbabwe at ProductId :  26331159.

Older carpets that have seen a lot of foot traffic might require a more intensive clean. That’s where a power head, equipped with an electronically driven brush bar, is especially handy. A power head will not only remove deeply embedded dirt from your carpet; it will also help lift the pile of your carpet.





Timber and other hard flooring





Hard floor 













Supplementary Cleaners

The below cleaners are recommended as supplementary cleaning devices with an upright, barrel, or cordfree vacuum cleaner. 

Handheld vacuums

From cleaning up after home haircuts to dealing with the aftermath of a craft session, a handheld vacuum is ideal for concentrated clusters of mess around the house. Effortlessly cover up accidents, clean your dog’s favourite couch cushion, or vacuum inside your car. Like their name suggests, handheld vacuums can be controlled with one hand, allowing you to hone in on debris-heavy areas that might be out of reach for your main vacuum cleaner. They are a handy addition to any large family household. 

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Carpet washers

Carpet washers or shampooers are becoming increasingly popular in busy households, as they can do one thing that vacuum cleaners cannot: remove stains from carpet. These appliances inject concentrated detergent deep into your carpet, and then scrub it thoroughly before using suction to get rid of embedded dirt and grime. Some models come with additional tools for treating upholstery, spot cleaning, and managing hard floors. It is recommended you do a full clean of your home with a carpet washer about twice a year. Owning a carpet washer, as opposed to hiring a professional cleaner, will save you time as well as money. 

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