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High Quality Kitchenware for Sale in Zimbabwe


Our Kitchenware range will give you all the tools you need for your kitchen and because The Daily Sale Shop only stocks ORIGINAL BRANDS you can be sure that your utensils will last. When it comes to pots and pans its always important to buy original so that you get the full benefits of cast iron...

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Kitchenware Buying Guide

If you're wondering where to buy the best in kitchenware to go with your new appliances in Zimbabwe, then look no further. Get the right tools so you can get the most from your kitchen appliances, recipes and grocery budget. We all know that cooking from scratch and properly storing leftover food is not only a more healthy way to eat but will also save you money.

First of all, it is good to audit your kitchenware to see what you have and what you’re missing. Anything that is very old or not fully functional should be fixed if possible, or disposed of and replaced. Rusted peelers and knives are a risk if bits enter the food you are preparing. It is the same with chipped containers or cracked pots. They just won’t perform as well and could taint your food.

Once you know what you have and what you’re missing, make a list of what you need. See below for a run-down of our essential range of kitchenware which will reduce the labour and increase the joy in mealtimes.  


Weighing Scales

Never guess a measurement again with a set of digital kitchen scales. Weighing scales are an absolutely crucial gadget, especially in baking and getting any recipe right. Get better results from your cooking with accurate measurements. 

Some scales are accurate to a single gram so you can be sure you’re on the right track. Choose from flat scales or cone shaped scales to suit your purposes. Removable bowls are a great feature of some scales, so you can simply lift off the container holding the ingredient and move straight to the mixing bowl, hob or stove.


Kitchen Knives

A sharp knife cuts your work in two with ease. Having the right tools will make really light work of your prep and serving, so investing in a knife set makes sense. Chop through carrots and veges with a swift swipe, and create beef medallions in a minute with our range of knives, including Japanese made stainless steel blades.

These sets include regulars such as knives for chopping vegetables, paring, cutting through bread and carving. Using particular knife for a dedicated purpose will mean a longer lifetime for your tools. For example, having a special bread knife to only cut bread will mean your other knives won't become blunt over time. The same goes for carving knives only being used for carving meat. You will find a utility knife, a mid-size knife for cutting larger vegetables and meats in one go that are too wide for a chef's knife, in these sets. You will also see a santoku knife featured too, which is small, light and sharp for mincing herbs and chopping small bunches of vegetables.

Stored safely in a smart knife block, these slicers often come with a scissors, so you can open packaging in a tick.

Whetstones or electronic knife sharpeners are designed to properly sharpen your knives so you can have years of peeling, chopping, dicing and slicing to come. Increase the lifetime of you knives with a sharpener without having to buy an electric one.

Food preparation is easy with the right tools, and there is no reason the best quality knives should only be reserved for restaurant chefs.


 The right quality cookware sets will serve you for years to come, giving you delicious results and cleaning up well. Some even have silicone handles to protect your hands when moving them around your kitchen, although please always use a pair of oven mitts.

Stainless steel, induction friendly saucepan sets will help you cook efficiently, saving you time and money. Using too big a pot on your heat source, or too small a size for the amount of pasta, rice or potatoes you'd like to cook is not energy efficient, time wasting and can result in bubbling over and more clean-up.

Non-stick pans will forgive you for heating a little on the high side, and have you cleaning up in a minute. No more elbow grease will be required to remove food stuck to pots, or soaking for hours and then having to return to scrub.

If you love to stir fry with gas, treat yourself to a decent wok. Even if you have an induction cooktop, many of our woks are suitable for induction cooking. Cooking quick and fast on a high heat tastes fresh and is a healthy way to eat in.

If you aren't a slow cooking fan, frypans will get you sizzling in no time. Whether it's fried eggs, pancakes, searing meat or pan-frying fish, this is a versatile tool to get food on the table fast.

Cutlery Sets

Tableware is just as important as the tools you used to prepare the meal. Make your placemats pop with a setting of knives, forks and spoons. Enjoy the ceremony of a meal at home with high quality cutlery sitting alongside simple glassware and a napkin. Our stainless steel dinnerware will make your guests feel welcome, with up to eight settings.

A dinner set is also a great gift for someone who is moving into their first home, and it often appears as a wedding present suggestion on a wishlist or gift registry. 

Food Containers

Another vital extra in kitchen accessories is the simple food container. Storing food properly will keep it fresher and reduce the risk of contamination of it and other foods in your fridge. Using containers will save you money in the long run when you make the most of your leftovers by having them as a packed lunch or a quick, ready-made meal when you get back from work. Some are even oven-safe so you can reheat them without having to transfer the contents out to another dish, or even double up as a lunchbox. No more leaky takeaway plastic containers. Save money and meal-plan well with correct food storage in these glass containers or stainless steel bowls. Your bank account will thank you.




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